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Stating Windoze-Version
Dec. 01, 2005, 06:54 PM
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Stating Windoze-Version
Hello Readers,
today I installed BFilter on a WIN98 system and almost went crazy as it constantly had errormessages like:
Loading config ...
Could not open C:\Programme\BFilter\conf\config
Loading standard url patterns ...
Could not open C:\Programme\BFilter\conf\urls
Loading local url patterns ...
Could not open C:\Programme\BFilter\conf\urls.local
Loading content filters ...
Could not open C:\Programme\BFilter\conf\filters\Common annoyances filter
Could not open C:\Programme\BFilter\conf\filters\PopUp filter

I used FileMon from SYSInternals and did not find any problem there. Only when I used REGMon from the same company I noticed BFilter was looking for wship6.dll and checked what this .dll was used for IPV6 I got the idea to check the BFilter homepage closely and finally found a statement about removing Win9x-support (which I find a shame).

I want to suggest to avoid further trouble like that by either having the installer check for working windoze-versions or at least state on the HP clearly that BFilter won't run win Win9x. That had saved me a lot of trouble and time and I guess I will do for others as well.

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Dec. 01, 2005, 11:55 PM
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I agree that the installer should not let the installation on an unsupported version of Windows. I didn't bother to implement the version check because I thought nobody uses Win9x these days. I'll probably implement it in 0.11.
I am also going to reintroduce support for Win9x, with a separate binary. It just takes a recompile of ACE and BFilter to achieve it.
I am going to build such a version now. I'll put it together with other betas. See this thread for more info:
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Dec. 02, 2005, 01:13 AM
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Quote:.... I thought nobody uses Win9x these days. ....
Urrr..... so, are Ralph and I now officially known as chopped liver? Dead

I stay with Win 98 for the simple reason that it works as advertised, although I have upgraded it considerably with the Win98 Service Pack from Exuberant. Besides, why should I validate phonehome-ware that does nothing for me that I can't already do with my current OS, an OS that just happens to not be "TreateUsersLikeThey'reCriminals-ware"? Pervert

BTW, Ralph, the latest version (SP2.1) just hit town this week, go check it out!


I'm no longer in the rat race - the rats won't have me!
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