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Proxomitron to Proximodo conversion
Dec. 06, 2004, 11:06 AM
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Quote:Here is the detailed procedure to import a whole Proxo config (at least until I add the feature):
- copy your custom \proxomitron\html files to \proximodo\html folder.
- same for \proximodo\Lists to \proximodo\lists
- copy-paste the proxies you set in Proxomitron to Proximodo settings
- copy-paste the "blockfiles" defined in proxo to proximodo Lists settings
- open your .cfg file in a notepad and copy all the content into the clipboard
- create a new config in Proximodo config screen
- create a folder in the Config tree and select it
- import the clipboard to the tree folder with "Import from Proxomitron"
- check the filters you want to use.
- save the settings

I Have tryed this. And the converting seems to work (JD5000 Filterset). But when i try to open an page like, it loads half, and Proxi CPU Usage kicks to 99%.
When i close Proxi (Exit on TryIcon), the page loads a litle further but not compleet. But Proxi is still active and using 99% CPU, i have to close if with some force Pervert .

I Have checked wich filters the sites loads with proxi, but the only one it seems to load is the content-encoding filter to disable the "gzip, deflate" etc.. But nothing else, atleast not what the log window tells me.

Do you have any option i can try out for testing??
Becouse the default filterset that is with Proxi seems to work fine.

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Dec. 06, 2004, 03:30 PM
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Filter packs like JD5000 and Sidki's use all the possibilities offered by Proxomitron, including those not or little documented (i.e what to do in such or such extreme situations, for example if $RDIR redirects to a page, should we filter headers and body again, risking a $RDIR loop). There are still a few discrepancies between the way Proxo and Proximodo handle these situations and commands, I'm trying to remove them.
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Dec. 18, 2006, 01:00 PM
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RE: Proxomitron to Proximodo conversion
I think it would make sense to incorporate JD5000 filters into Proximodo, since JD5000 is no longer supported.
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