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ICS Proxy-Proxomitron config?
Sep. 16, 2004, 01:31 PM
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+ 2 machines: 1) Windows XP Pro and 2) Windows 2000 Pro
+ Home network for file sharing.
+ Separate, independent 56k dial-up on any machine (no internet connection sharing)
+ Both machines: ZA and <span style='color:green'>Proxomitron</span>; host file used to block 'nasties'

Recently, I have had some problems with internet access using Windows XP Pro. I supected the modem and decided I could check it if I had internet connection sharing. So, I set up ICS using the free AnalogX Proxy with Windows 2k Pro machine as host and the Windows XP machine as client. Simple. Works. At least, now it works . . . somewhat. I've been able to determine that I have a defective modem. That settled, I'd like to evaluate ICS further.

The first problem I encountered was when I tried to access the internet using the client machine. I got a message generated by AnalogX Proxy: "Does not support loopback URL." Seems that Proxo was the problem (not sure); cleared up on reboot.

Now, I can access the internet on the client machine . . . BUT no ad filtering, etc. because I am not able to use Proxomitron! Urgh. I've tried various configuration settings but nothing brings Proxo back into the loop. The host file seems to be somehow integrated because in place of some ads I get the AnalogX Proxy message "Does not support loopback URL."

My question:
<span style='color:crimson'>What do I need to do to get AnalogX Proxy to work with Proxomitron and host file (as it did before I installed ICS)??</span>

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Sep. 17, 2004, 07:50 AM
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Hi, and Welcome to the Unofficial Proxomitron Forum! Glad to have ya here. Cheers

Bearing in mind that I'm a fan of most things Microsoft, I consider ICS to be the Poster Boy for "Good Idea, Terrible Execution". It takes over nearly of the all basic protocol handling, resulting in 'non-standard' operation of many services and programs that we take for granted. Your inability to use Proxo is just one example.

In essence, Proxo is hard wired for Port 80 service only, on the network side of things. The only thing you can configure is the local side, where you usually use localhost on Port 8080 (but you could use other settings, if you needed to). That said, ICS has co-opted handling of Port 80, and re-routed it away from any other program or service that might expect to see it. It does return control to the local transport layer after a fashion, but as you've seen, it's not the standard way of doing things, and most non-Microsoft software will have issues, if it doesn't fail outright.

And yes, eDexter, the HOSTS file, AnalogX Proxy, all of that genre of product occupy a much different spot in the communications chain, hence they still work. Proof of that concept would be the fact that Proxo filters everything they see, with the obvious exception of the HOSTS file itself, that serves a slightly different purpose, and functions strictly locally anyway. (BTW, if all you use your HOSTS file for is safe surfing, then you can replace it with a suitable Proxo URLBlockList.)

I recommend that you beat feet down to your nearest "Nerds 'R' Us" emporium and procure another modem mosh-kosh, so you can get back to doing things the way you know they work. Some times you just can't take the shortcut, because down the road, you'll find out the hard way that the bridge is out. <_< Sorry 'bout that. Doubtless other UOPF'ers will chime in shortly, so don't take this as the final answer! :P


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