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Pale Moon / New Moon / Mypal -- GitHub
May. 19, 2019, 03:20 PM
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Pale Moon / New Moon / Mypal -- GitHub
Greetings All,

I haven't been very active here but have been following the Proxomitron Reborn thread - very pleased that Proxo is still alive and well Smile!

I am curious if anyone here has ever compiled software via GitHub?
I've spent several off-and-on weeks trying to figure out "how" but could use some assistance.

My specific project in mind focuses on compiling Pale Moon for WinXP.
There are two primary options to choose from (New Moon and Mypal).
I'm attempting to take the best of both worlds and compile my own non-public version for my own use.

I'd like to target Release 28.2.2 specifically.

Any guidance for a beginner GitHub'er ???
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