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Something like “decentraleyes” for Privoxy…
Apr. 15, 2019, 05:50 PM
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RE: Something like “decentraleyes” for Privoxy…
I apologize for my accusations. Yes, in the latter case, I confused a lot of things, but I was sent on the right path. The working scheme for such a capricious site looks like this:
CLIENT-HEADER-FILTER: redirect-uri-u redirect-uri-u
[email protected](GET)\s+(https?://)[^,%]+\b(angularjs|jquery|modernizr|momentjs)/([0-9\.]+)/[a-z\-]+\b[^/]*\.js\s+(HTTP/\d+\.\d+)$@$1 $2\$3/$4/$3.min.jsm $[email protected]
[email protected](Host:)\s+.*$@$1 [email protected]

SERVER-HEADER-FILTER: Add-Access-Control-Allow-Origin Add Access-Control-Allow-Origin header
[email protected]^(HTTP\/\d+\.\d+\s+.*)$@$1\nAccess-Control-Allow-Origin: *@i
{+client-header-filter{redirect-uri-u} \
{+server-header-filter{Add-Access-Control-Allow-Origin} \
Substitution is not noticeable for the browser, you do not need to add your host to the Content-Security-Policy headers.
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