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Something like “decentraleyes” for Privoxy…
Jan. 01, 2017, 12:56 PM (This post was last modified: Dec. 08, 2017 10:22 PM by Faxopita.)
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Something like “decentraleyes” for Privoxy…
To roughly mimic “decentraleyes” Firefox add-on…

More info here or there.

Quote:Decentraleyes is a new open source Firefox add-on that aims to improve your privacy while browsing. It does this by hosting CND resources locally. When your browser makes a request for one of these CDN resources, the request is blocked and you are served up a local version instead.

Quote:Can CDNs track me even though they do not place tracking cookies?
Absolutely. Requests to content delivery networks contain a "Referer" HTTP header (originally a misspelling of referrer) that reveals what page you're visiting. Techniques like IP address tracking and browser fingerprinting can then be used to determine your identity.

This rule allows Privoxy to use local versions instead:
{ +redirect{[email protected]^(https?://)?[^,%]+\b(angular|backbone|dojo|ember|ext.core|jquery.ui|jquery|modernizr.min|mootools-yui-compressed|prototype|scriptaculous|swfobject|underscore.min)\b[^/]*\.js[^,%]*@http://localhost/~Your_Path_to/CommonJS/$[email protected]} }!1\.7\.1/))*$ # Example: with an exception; use remote version 1.7.1 instead:

Put it in `user.action` file.

Instead of using `?!`, the above exception could be equally rewritten like this:
{ -redirect }\.7\.1/

Useful for some websites requiring a specific resource version.

If you encounter an issue while visiting a website, the following alias can help you isolate it:
JSRoute='egrep "Redirect:\s+pcrs.*changed" /private/var/log/privoxy/logfile.log | \
         sed -r "s/[a-z0-9]+\s+Redirect:[^\"]+\"[^\"]+\"\s+changed\s+/\n/g; s/\s(to)\s/ changed \1…\n/g"| tail -45'

Example of outputs:
2016-09-05 11:12:07.640
"" changed to…
"http://localhost/~Your_Path_to/CommonJS/angular.js" (1 hit).
2016-09-05 11:12:07.923
"" changed to…
"http://localhost/~Your_Path_to/CommonJS/jquery-ui.js" (1 hit).

Note: do update your libraries regularly… Mad with Teeth

Some stats.
After one week of surfing…
Libraries | Request # | JS Sizes
jquery    |    306    x 259.3 KB =  79,345.8 KB
jquery-ui |    156    x 508.5 KB =  79,326   KB
prototype |      7    x 195.1 KB =   1,365.7 KB
angular   |    117    x 144.6 KB =  16,918.2 KB

Total          586               = 176,955.7 KB ≈ 173 MB

173 MB's worth of third-party resources that didn't get downloaded over just one week.


Minuscule donations are always appreciated…
BTC --> 34WKogWorDoReJ2MSxw8rTsrGD87VMAPJY
BCH --> 1AXwyMdtMFZktZPvXScC58ESUZXptmjvge
DASH -> XusJsETR6PwDnG4Gde7cvGeRhXzUJFSxtD
ETH --> 0xb829FA99AA9AB31C32590dbc88B837bC5D91453e
ETC --> 0x059F128357331c346Ad2E23F95a4639beC3f0b3a
LTC --> MK7vxk93A1M6HHAYT38W8NPJSb8zANqCia
ZEC --> t1JNCuxdZEWUPBQiAzxZPUMqb4BM87sxs9H
STRAT > SgG6jAHuxQfzW1QBaWyQRVdCdSq514BcyM

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