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Jun. 12, 2011, 10:50 PM (This post was last modified: Jun. 12, 2011 11:24 PM by Kye-U.)
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I have two important announcements to make:

1. To recognize his contributions, support, and involvement with Proxomitron, I've made JJoe an Administrator (brief bio: member since 2005; very familiar with Sidki's filterset (I'd personally call him an expert)). IMHO, this is overdue and well-deserved! Cheers This partially ties into the second announcement.

2. I've restructured the Sidki section, notably the creation of two sub-forums: Fixed/Confirmed Bugs and Bug Reports.
  • Bug Reports - unconfirmed bugs are to be under this forum. Duplicate/false/solved trivial bugs will be merged/closed.
  • Fixed/Confirmed Bugs - confirmed bugs are to be found in this forum (moved from Bug Reports). Threads will remain open for further conversation. The threads are only to be closed when there is a new config release that incorporates the fixes.

    Below is a list of what is to be prepended to thread titles:
    • [F] - once a fix for the bug is found (to have an [F], the fix must involve modifications to a filter, injected CSS/JS/image file (e.g. Google alternate display), and/or default (NOT user-specific) blocklist (e.g. AdKeys)
    • [S] - the bug is site-specific and a solution has been accepted (solved by adding an entry in Exceptions-U)
This means that the general Sidki forum is intended for general support/questions. If any posted topics in the general Sidki forum are believed to be a bug report or a confirmed/fixed bug, they will be moved to the appropriate sub-forum. Ultimately, this will help with the organization of the forums and continued development of Sidki's config set.

As Sidki is stopping work on his config set (for now?), in the meantime, as it has become the standard filterset for many of us, I'd like all of us to pull together, keep reporting potential bugs, propose fixes, and eventually release updated versions in the future to carry on the fine work Sidki has put into his config set.

If there are any questions, suggestions or comments on the Sidki forum changes, post them in this topic Smile!
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