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"<img>... Remove: Webbugs" breaks script
Oct. 11, 2010, 02:19 AM
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"<img>... Remove: Webbugs" breaks script
Test page:

Symptoms: "previous" and "next" controls under photos in "TODAY" box don't work.

Error Console
Error: missing ; before statement
Source File:
Line: 1, Column: 45
Source Code:"+E+"/lng=us/rand="+D+B;var C="<img src= height="1" alt="" border="0" /><span class=Pr0x style=display:none><a class=Pr0x href="+A.src+' width="1"><img src=ht

Error: YUD is undefined
Source File:
Line: 1807

Match and replace
<Match: <img>... Remove: Webbugs     09.05.28 [sd] (d.1) >
<img src="+A.src+' width="1" height="1" alt="" border="0" />
<img src= height="1" alt="" border="0" />

Adding$SET(0=a_bug.) to user list clears up problem.

Sets tested:
SIDKI 2009-02-13 (UPDATE 06-06), SIDKI 2009-05-24 ALPHA 4, SIDKI 2010-09-19 BETA

Browser: Firefox3
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Oct. 11, 2010, 05:21 PM (This post was last modified: Oct. 11, 2010 05:34 PM by sidki3003.)
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RE: "<img>... Remove: Webbugs" breaks script
Yeah. That happens if the quotes that delimit strings change in an expression.
Example: okay:
var C="<img src="+A.src+" width='1' height='1' alt='' border='0' />";

var C="<img src="+A.src+' width="1" height="1" alt="" border="0" />';

I have already documented it as open issue. Another script using this code is<JS-VERSION>.js, where webbugs get bypassed already. (Possibly the same script, since "combo" is merely concatenating scripts.)

I have now changed:
Code:\?*/metrics           $SET(0=a_adjsex.)            $SET(0=a_bug.)

edit: That "Loading... " thingy at the bottom loads, if you click the Flash toggle.
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