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Project: Flash Tutorial for Proxomitron
Jul. 29, 2004, 01:54 AM
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z12 , You are absolutely correct ; however , there are those out there who like myself , would like easy explanations for what some of these filters do , and how to choose which ones are best for your needs . For example , I love Siamesecat's background filters but it would be nice to know how to insert your own colors especially if you hate pink ! I think grading the filters like JD does is very helpful . I am using a hybrid of Sidke's filter set , JakXPack and some others but the learning curve is difficult . A Flash tutorial I think would be a waste of time , energy and cost big money . Few would use it . If you check some of the popular forums , very little is said about Proxomitron . Proxo needs promotion ! It is not just another popup blocker ! Those of us who use it need to talk about it in newsgroups and forums . I want to HAWK ProXo in memory of Scott .
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Jul. 29, 2004, 01:57 AM
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So maybe we could make an interactive Javascript where you can click on an image of Proxomitron's different screens, which redirect you to a page with functions and tips, etc...
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Jul. 29, 2004, 03:34 AM
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I was just going to suggest the same thing! A JavaScript tutorial would be great. It has almost the same effects that flash has. You can make slideshows and interactive menus.

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Jul. 29, 2004, 05:22 AM
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Kye-U, Shea;

Uh, uh, uh - we're getting ahead of the game here. Ralph and z12 have given us valuable input, but they are pointing to the content, not the methodology of displaying that content.

FWIW, I picture this whole thing as a series of tutorials that show every stage of the game, from initial installation to advanced filter writing. One tutorial can't, and shouldn't, cover all the bases. This gives us some more leeway. In essence, a whole website can be devoted to this project, with a Table of Contents, an Index, a Troubleshooting Guide, etc. How all this is going to be assembled and disseminated is not yet up for discussion, except in sense that we need to either accept and use a "tool", or else do it by hand with scripts. Actually, I can think of at least two ways to do it without any scripts at all, but that's neither here nor there... for right now.

Let's spend a few more days looking for tools that might get us good results. I think we're all agreed that a presentation should be interactive, just about down to the nth degree, so any tool will have to accomodate that capability. If something doesn't come up soon, then let's take stock of who has what strengths, assign jobs, and get this show on the road!

Enough rah rah, for now. But just wait, soon the fun will begin! Smile!


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Jul. 29, 2004, 06:42 AM
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Quote:insert your own colors especially if you hate pink
Would you rather have orange? Instead of #FFC0C0, use #FFA060 in the replacement for the Style Background Colour Replacer. For light purple, use #FFC0FF. Like this:
Name = "Style Background Colour Replacer"
Active = TRUE
URL = "(^$TYPE(css))"
Limit = 50
Match = "(background(-color|) (\t|) : (\t|) )\0"
"((#|) ([d-f][0-9a-f])([d-f][0-9a-f])([d-f][0-9a-f])|"
"\wwhite\w|(#|) ([d-f][d-f][d-f])|"
"rgb\([#210:255], [#210:255], [#210:255]\)|"
"rgb\([#82:100]%, [#82:100]%, [#82:100]%\)) (;|)\3"
Replace = "\0#FFC0FF\3"
Replace = "\0#FFA060\3"
Gives orange.
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Jul. 29, 2004, 01:04 PM
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Siamescat , I think you may have misunderstood what I was trying to say . Most people who read these forums have no idea as to how to choose these colors and / or where to place them in the scheme of things . How did you choose #FFA060\3 as orange . Is it light , bright or dark orange ? The point is , at least for me , is where or what do I do to pick any color ? I use a free , easy , program HTMLcolor ver 1.4 by Finn Ekberg Christiansen . I am sure that there are lots of others out there but this works for me . Your assumption is correct ; I am a dingbat ! But , I need for you to lead me by the hand and maybe spoon feed me so to speak . If this forum is just for programmers or code writers then I need to be guided elsewhere . Have a great day !
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Jul. 29, 2004, 02:07 PM
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Hi Ralph

I don't think that the intent of this forum is to be just for programmers or code writers, nor would I want it to be. I didn't mean to convey that idea.

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Jul. 29, 2004, 03:49 PM
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By now you've come to hang your head in remorse, haven't you. (Not a question.) Mike (z12) is correct - no one here wants this forum to become another code junkie joint. (Hmmm, there is a certain panache in "Proxo Monkey". I wonder if I can trademark that? :o)

Two things have taken shape in my mind during the last few days of reading this forum. One, Kye-U had no idea how big this is gonna be. I mean both in popularity and in scope. The <span style='color:#AD080A'>UPT</span> will require its own domain name, in order to do it justice. (Regardless of where it's hosted.) I expect to make that happen next week, unless Kye-U beats me to it. (Not a hint.) What do you guys and gals think of calling it ""? (It's available - please don't pull it from under me.) In case that's too uncomfortable for you, what are your suggestions?

Two, there will be something for everybody in This Thing Of Ours, but only if we all participate. Soon enough, it will become the standard reference work for every kind of "How do I do this?" question. But to make that happen, we'll need input from everyone who has ever had a question about any part of it. That includes you, Ralph. Your question about how to modify a non-default filter for your own purposes is just as valid as "How do I install it". But we wouldn't know to write a tutorial for that if no one spoke up, now would we.

Therefore, you will keep up the nagging. You are hereby appointed to be our conscience whenever it appears to you that we're forgetting the newbie. Do you accept this position in the hierarchy? Kye-U can't swear you in until you affirm and accept your duties. [Is there a serious smilie?]

Oddysey, Chief Instigator of Mousable Mayhem!

I'm no longer in the rat race - the rats won't have me!
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Jul. 29, 2004, 04:51 PM
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Oddysey , I am honored for being anointed as such and will continue to nag ! Hell , my wife tells me that's what I'm best at . z12 , you didn't nor did anyone else convey or imply that this forum is for programmers or code writers . The point I was trying to make is that lots of different people come here with different expertise ; some of the posts get complex and may turn some away . Keeping it simple , yet challenging and remembering that the newbie is here as well will make this forum one of the best . " 'nuf said "
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Jul. 30, 2004, 01:56 AM
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Consider yourself sufficiently chastised. [lol]

in re: some posts/threads might turn newbies away....

It's too bad that we have no way to rate posts on "attractiveness" to our viewers. It would be a nightmare just to nail down the criteria to be considered. And it would take an army of moderators to keep up with the posts, or else an hellacious PHP proggie (actually, an 'extension' to the forum's software) to rate everything correctly, and at that, do it all in realtime.

But yeah, it would be nice to keep newcomers from getting blasted between the eyes with "Sure, you just dribble down to the kitzbit, and whammy it with your krewl-tool!" Nice going guys - that one took out two newbies in 10 minutes, a new record! Banging Head

Anyone got a solution to offer?


I'm no longer in the rat race - the rats won't have me!
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