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Strange popup from Proxo
May. 20, 2009, 09:25 AM
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Strange popup from Proxo
I was composing a comment in the Avira forums just now and I tried to add another link in my post and Proxo popped up and said:

"This script is too busy for its own good. Kill it?" It had an "ok" button and a "cancel" button.

Proxo kept trying to stop me from adding the link. So, I put Proxo on bypass so I could add the link and it popped up the same thing again! I had several more links to add to this rather long post and I had to fight Proxo each time because it would stick this popup in my face even when bypassed. I used the x in the upper right corner of the popup to get it to go away and then I could add the name of the link. The next step, in that forum, is to add the link and Proxo popped up again with this strange message.

I finally got all the links entered but it wasn't easy. I guess I am dumb but I don't understand the meaning of that message. What script is too busy and why should it be killed?

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May. 20, 2009, 12:16 PM (This post was last modified: May. 20, 2009 12:19 PM by sidki3003.)
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RE: Strange popup from Proxo
LOL, that is still Paul Rupe's wording.

Some pages present you with never ending (e.g. because looping) dialog boxes. These boxes - prompt/confirm/alert - are modal, making the browser inaccessible while active. Now, Proxomitron is intercepting after the tenth such box.

However, if you chose "allow boxes", that is "Cancel", the next interception should wait for further ten boxes, instead of popping in after each one. I have changed that. Also, the Proxomitron message is more descriptive now, see screencap:
.png  dialog.png (Size: 7.68 KB / Downloads: 433)

You can also turn off that behavior entirely, by deactivating the "Restrict Message Boxes" webfilter.

In case someone wants to have it changed right now, here is the modified respective function:
// Returns false if alert/confirm/prompt have been called a bunch of times
  // already.  Used to stop runaway scripts abusing these popup functions.
  prxO.oInt.inBoxCheck = function () {
    var ceci = arguments.callee;
    if (!prxO.oAss.asLastClick || ceci.count == 999) return false;
    if (ceci.count == undefined) ceci.count = prxO.oSet._catchBoxes;
    if (--ceci.count >= 0) return true;
    var msg = "\t*** PROXOMITRON ALERT ***\nThis page has already launched " +
      prxO.oSet._catchBoxes + " dialog boxes.\n" +
      "Block further ones?\t\t-> Press OK\n" +
      "Or allow another " + prxO.oSet._catchBoxes + "?\t-> Press Cancel";
    if (PrxRLconfirm(msg)) {
      ceci.count = 999;
      throw "Prox: JS killed!";
    ceci.count = prxO.oSet._catchBoxes;
    return true;
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May. 21, 2009, 07:39 AM
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RE: Strange popup from Proxo
I knew that wasn't your wording...Paul Rupe...that's pretty old. I had never seen that popup before and I've had Proxo since 2002 I think.

Thank you for the change in wording. The new wording is much more descriptive. Smile!

I should have chosen "cancel" so I would have gotten ten more boxes. Instead I closed the popup from the x in the upper right corner so no wonder I had to keep fighting that popup over and over.
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