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Perhaps some new features for BFilter
Mar. 04, 2009, 06:25 PM
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Perhaps some new features for BFilter
Hello jart,

I have some suggestions for the urls list to filter unrecognised javascript ads like layer ads and some webbug servers to enhance the privacy.

Further, I added some small features to BFilter:
  • possibility to fake the browser referer of outgoing headers. With this feature the referer will be always the same as the current website. The feature can be switched on/off via a new config command.
  • its possible to disable this new feature for specific websites with the new command ALLOWREFERER in the urls.local.
  • because of a problem reported in the german ubuntuusers forum I added a feature to disable all web filter for specific pages but the heuristic still filtering ads.
  • added a bypass icon for the Linux version.
Perhaps the features are interesting enough and are good enough implemented to add it in a further version. I can mailing you the changes, if you like.

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