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Facebook and sidki
Feb. 14, 2009, 01:54 AM
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Facebook and sidki
Hi All

I've been a long time users of sidki's config set.

I'm currently using the 2009-01-14 set and I'm trying to get Facebook working.

At the moment, I've decided to try to get the Scrabble app working.

It's blocked by the following filter I think:
<object>... Remove: Ad Containers - Links 8.12.30 [pr sd] (d.2)

Here's the HTML debug info:
<Match: <object>... Remove: Ad Containers - Links     8.12.30 [pr sd] (d.2) >
<iframe width="100%" height="624" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" src=";fb_sig_in_iframe=1&amp;fb_sig_locale=en_US&amp;fb_sig_in_new_facebook=1&amp;fb_sig_time=1234575713.2891&amp;fb_sig_added=1&amp;fb_sig_profile_update_time=1234236413&amp;fb_sig_expires=1234580400&amp;fb_sig_user=556287339&amp;fb_sig_session_key=2.2yG7eu9ta3iktygDp5padA__.3600.1234580400-556287339&amp;fb_sig_ext_perms=email&amp;fb_sig_api_key=4f5d298a22b7fd8df3ec31c89ae10cd0&amp;fb_sig_app_id=7730584433&amp;fb_sig=9c3b2c081d0f5d5cef1c5eeedc1c2a0b"></iframe>
<span class="Prox&#x20;ProxCntLink" style="display:none">?<a class="Prox&#x20;ProxCntLink" href=";fb_sig_in_iframe=1&amp;fb_sig_locale=en_US&amp;fb_sig_in_new_facebook=1&amp;fb_sig_time=1234575713.2891&amp;fb_sig_added=1&amp;fb_sig_profile_update_time=1234236413&amp;fb_sig_expires=1234580400&amp;fb_sig_user=556287339&amp;fb_sig_session_key=2.2yG7eu9ta3iktygDp5padA__.3600.1234580400-556287339&amp;fb_sig_ext_perms=email&amp;fb_sig_api_key=4f5d298a22b7fd8df3ec31c89ae10cd0&amp;fb_sig_app_id=7730584433&amp;fb_sig=9c3b2c081d0f5d5cef1c5eeedc1c2a0b" target="_top">iframe
: AdD 100x624</a></span>

If I disable the filter, the Scrabble apps is visible, but I can't seem to simply create an exclude for this app.

I've tried making the following change to IncludeExclude-U.ptxt:

## allow ad containers - links            $SET(0=a_adcont_l.)
## ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
([^.]+.|)     $SET(0=a_adcont_l.)
([^.]+.|)    $SET(0=a_adcont_l.)

but it doesn't seem to allow the Scrabble game though.

I've love help with this particular filter and the Scrabble Facebook app.

Also, if anyone has any general suggestions for Facebook (there's a lot that Sidkis filter set breaks on Facebook) - I'll take those general suggestions as well.

Many, many thanks.
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Feb. 14, 2009, 05:48 AM
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RE: Facebook and sidki
1. The entry is not needed.
2. I suppose you have reloaded the edited lists and cleared the browser cache before refreshing the page. Please use the debug view again to see if those code was captured by another filter and if so add the specific keyword accordingly.
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Feb. 14, 2009, 06:17 AM
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RE: Facebook and sidki
Working now...I have rebooted (for another reason) since itr wasn't working and it works now. Maybe a cache issue. I thought I'd reloaded the lists.
Anyway - working now - thanks.
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