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[Solved] Windows 7 Proxo AutoStart
Aug. 21, 2009, 09:02 AM
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RE: Windows 7 Proxo doesn't work!
Maybe I like Clear Type because I was ineligible for lasik as my nearsightness was too great. So, I limp along with gas permeable contact lens and cataracts big enough now that I am going to Honolulu next week for a surgical consultation. But the weird thing is I see those red and green lines IF I TURN OFF CLEAR TYPE! I hated my new, expensive flat panel LCD with DVI and non reflective-coating (boy do I hate the new monitors that don't have non-reflective coating) when I got it almost six years ago. I had loved my Trinitron CRT. I saw those red and green pixeled lines on the verdana font (and other fonts too. I didn't start using Verdana exclusively until awhile after I got the monitor). Those colored lines and the jagged, fuzzy edges on the letters were horrible, plus, there was no ClearType Tuner back then from Microsoft.

This was XP Pro SP1 before ClearType from Microsoft. I was about to send the monitor back, although for images it was breathtakingly gorgeous ...far nicer than my Trinitron. Someone at DSLreports told me about a program called ClearTweak and I got it and have been eternally grateful. Microsoft stole it later and turned it into ClearType with the slider for the contrast setting. (Although I see that now Microsoft has gotten rid of the slider)? It was my life saver and when I used it and adjusted the display the difference was astounding. The red and green lines disappeared and I had black font finally although still not nearly as black as on the Trinitron even with the contrast slider all the way to the left. I still wasn't that happy with the font rendering but loved the way images looked on the monitor. I found that I could not easily go back and forth between the two monitors as I would gradually get used to one and then the other was too different with one being CRT and one LCD.

So, I wonder why you see those lines when Clear Type is turned on and I see them when it is off. I wonder if that has to do with your monitor? Do you possibly have a monitor with BGR striping instead of the much more common RGB? Something I noticed about Linux and that made me decide to not explore it further was the bad font display. I guess it didn't use Clear Type which surprises me because an LCD monitor to me is horrible without Clear Type unless you like fuzzy letters and red/green pixels on the inner edges of the letters and gray font instead of black.
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Aug. 21, 2009, 11:21 AM
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RE: Windows 7 Proxo doesn't work!
cleartype like/dislike is NOT monitor-related...
i've tried it on DOZENS of montirs, all with similar results...

you do seem to have it BACKWARDS...
read here -

when Clear-Crap is turned OFF, a black font's pixel is either BLACK or it is NOT, there is no "in between"...

Clear-Crap "technology" aims to "smooth" fonts by taking a 45-degree angled black line and "try" to keep it from looking like a pixeled "stairstep" and it does this by a "we will no longer paint the pixels pure BLACK or not, we will use the pixel's red-green-blue sub-components SEPARATELY instead since the human eye detects variation in INTENSITY moreso than it detects variations in COLOR"...

this "intensity versus color" THEORY has been PROVEN to NOT be true for EVERYBODY!!! for that very reason, Microsoft should wisen up and not FORCE those of us that can detect the slightest variation in color to have to use such a CRAPPY-to-our-vision "technology"...

just because a coworker can't extinguish the difference between a black and a brown sock and wears one of each into the office and loves his ClearType subpixel rendering, that does not mean that i should start cross-breeding my socks as well...
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Aug. 21, 2009, 12:29 PM
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RE: Windows 7 Proxo doesn't work!
On a CRT monitor black is black be it a letter or an image. On a LCD monitor black is gray be it a letter or image. This is why LCD tvs are crap compared to plasma. I did see a brand new Samsung LCD at $4000 in Sears the day before Christmas last year that actually showed black as black. It was fabulous and after looking at it you would never want any other tv except maybe a Plasma but that was the only LCD in the store that was any good. Who knows when it will ever be a price I could afford. There were a bunch of folks standing in awe in front of it and no one wanted anything else after seeing it. My point being that LCDs are finally being improved now where black is black and the same problem is seen on LCD monitors. Black is not black. Maybe your eyes are very sensitive to colors. Mine are very sensitive to black and how black black actually is on the screen. The difference between black fonts on my Trinitron CRT monitor, and this rated number 1 by Consumer Reports and PCWorld tests the year I bought it LCD, is astounding. There is no comparison between how weak black is on LCD's as compared to CRT's. So, for me the problem is the monitor more than anything else. Even setting an LCD using Clear Type to the lowest contrast still does not give you anything like the black on my Trinitron. Set at the contrast level Microsoft recommends, I can't read the text as it appears pale gray. My LCD will be 6 years old November 1 and I'm sure newer ones can handle black color better but then there is the problem of finding one with antireflective coating. The reflection/glare is also a huge problem with plasma tvs. Some idiot decided to make LCDs which normally don't have that awful glare/reflection now have so much glare you can't see much on the screen besides your reflection and lights, etc. So, the new LCDs it doesn't matter about the pixels and color or fuzziness as all you see is reflection and glare. UGH.

Your problem appears to be high sensitivity to colors while mine is high sensitivty to the degree of black on a screen. That Wikipedia article said that blurriness is seen at 96DPI. I use 125DPI, and have for years on both monitors, and I use a large font. The examples on that Wikipedia page looked the same so I couldn't see any examples actually. All the text on that page was the same size and all looked the same. My eyes are definitely aging and I notice I can't see the difference between dark navy blue and black now sometimes unless I put what I think is probably dark navy next to black or go over near a window so the light is really good. (That, of course, is the cataracts which I am having taken care of soon). So, maybe I am not seeing colors as well as I used to but images are sure gorgeous on this monitor. My complaint is the fonts are not black enough unless I bold them. Bolded black on an LCD monitor looks just like regular, unbolded black on my Trinitron CRT.

So, I think the problem is at least partly the monitor and monitor type and the video card. Red is horrible on my CRT. It is not a true red but a darker dull brickish color. Green is also sort muddy, grayish looking.
I have a ATI card on it. I didn't know how gorgeous and true colors could be until I got this LCD with an nVidia card (7800GTX) and turned on digital vibrance and turned off everything else. I won't upgrade the driver because the new nVidia screen doesn't have (or didn't for a long time but might now) digital vibrance setting.

I suppose it is all very individual what looks good on a computer screen and even a tv as folks buy sets I think have horrible colors and pictures.
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Aug. 25, 2009, 04:09 AM
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RE: Windows 7 Proxo doesn't work!
(Aug. 20, 2009 01:29 AM)Mele20 Wrote:  Anyhow, as soon as I corrected that everything was fine.

'Post Subject' should be changed.
Maybe "Solved: Windows 7 Proxo doesn't work!"

Most of this thread should be in "Proxomitron Program". Wink
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Sep. 04, 2009, 08:13 AM
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RE: [Solved] Windows 7 Proxo doesn't work!
Confirm proxo works in windows 7. Well RTM is working fine for me to post via proxo Smile!
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Oct. 18, 2009, 09:56 AM
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RE: [Solved] Windows 7 Proxo doesn't work!
Confirmed here as well! (in 32-bit)

Have we confirmed for it to work in 64-bit Windows 7 yet?
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Oct. 23, 2009, 11:02 PM
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RE: Windows 7
Can someone please merge this topic with (which dealt with startup as well)?

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Oct. 27, 2009, 11:44 AM (This post was last modified: Oct. 27, 2009 11:50 AM by ProxRocks.)
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RE: Windows 7
(Oct. 23, 2009 11:02 PM)bugmenot Wrote:  Can someone please merge this topic with (which dealt with startup as well)?


done... Big Teeth

edit: though i'm not sure that was the right "fix"...
hope that didn't just "confuse" the whole thread...

i'll change the title to [Solved] Windows 7 Startup [Solved] Windows 7 Proxo AutoStart ...
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Oct. 28, 2009, 07:14 AM
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RE: [Solved] Windows 7 Proxo AutoStart
Just one more comment about Clear Type: therer is a Control Panel applet called ClearType Tuning that improves the appearance of font over the plain ClearType Windows display setting uses.
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