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Autoupdate Tool (?)
Jan. 11, 2009, 03:52 AM
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Autoupdate Tool (?)
I was just thinking, what if the Sidki set has an update tool that automatically updates the ad lists (and notifies the user if a new config set is available for download)?

This would only be helpful if the ad lists are central to his config set; I'm not too sure.
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Jan. 11, 2009, 01:17 PM
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RE: Autoupdate Tool (?)
AdDomains, AdHosts, AdHosts-J together currently have ~1000 entries. I'd guess less than 100 of them are essential for proper functioning of the config. Most ads are blocked by generic filters now - before the URL would come into play.

I think right now the updater would hardly have anything to do. However, if ad list maintenance should be done by a group of people in the future, that could be a different thing.

A full blown ad list update is a huge task. Last time i did that was mid-2006. took me ~2 months:
- Merge other ad lists - i use pgl's - into AdDomains at first - along with a log line.
- Run them against:
English/French/Spanish/... or Alexa's by-language lists.
- Throw away everything without a couple of hits -- Including old entries.
- Decide to which list each entry should go (often AdHosts-J nowadays).

As for little updates, i add test entries quite often and evaluate the log a few weeks later. This kind of ad list additions is mostly Plan B though... if a generic block isn't possible.
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Jan. 11, 2009, 03:57 PM
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RE: Autoupdate Tool (?)
Past months i was testing my ad-remove filters and i introduced a tip to load the banners in a hide div, in that way the browser would download the banners but dont display them. Why i did that? Because using adblock plus for firefox i wanted too see what expresions would match more times for my personal browsing to improve the speed of filtering.
I agree with sidki when he says 100 entries are essentials, the others would match less than 10 times in 6 months.

To mention i use four different lists:
-Ad-HREF-affiliate (This list block many ad providers based in words like affid= or member\=)
-Ad-HREF (based in )
-Ad-SRC (This list looks into the src element of the img tag)

The order i use for looking in these lists is:
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