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Google Search page broken - fpout - Apr. 26, 2013 08:12 AM

Google Search results page is completely broken since yesterday 04-25-2013 (see attached image)

Header is broken and the top horizontal navigation menu displays fully open and vertical. It seems to be called <div id="top_nav">.
The top of the page is affected, too. Search box is fullscreen wide.

It happens on both https & http search, and disabling this filter ("Google Search: Alternate Display 12.08.19 (multi) [sd ku] (d.s)") renders the page normally.

Using Firefox 12, Sidki's set 2011-12-22rc1.

RE: Google Search page broken - ProxRocks - Apr. 26, 2013 11:43 AM

boy does that look UGLY...

may i ask what i could do to the "publicly maintained" Google Alternate Display filters ( ) that would get you to use them?

the "publicly maintained" set is a more all-encompassing from-the-ground-up approach whereas anything keeping the "original sidki filters" 'alive' are all "surface fixes" (for lack of better wording)...

RE: Google Search page broken - JJoe - Apr. 26, 2013 03:38 PM

Looks like they made some changes.

Thumbnail feature appears to have been removed. There is a new box for cached and similar.

Broke because one of my expressions matched new (to me) firefox specific code. Try

Name = "Google Search: Alternate Display     13.04.26 (multi) [sd ku] (d.s)"
Active = TRUE
Multi = TRUE
URL = "$TST(hCT=*html)(www|encrypted).google.(*/)+{1}(intl/(*/)+{1}(^?)|search\?(^tbm=isch|*\&tbm=isch)|webhp|(^?))$SET(keyword=$TST(keyword=\1.(i_layout:[#*:0].)+\2)\1.i_layout:2.\2)"
Limit = 2048
Match = "(^?)$SET(a=)$SET(b=)$STOP()"
        "(<td class=$AV(j)$SET(classj=1))+"
        "<br>(\r\n+|\n\r+| <$SET(classj=)(^)|$TST(classj=1))$SET(1= )"
        "/b> of (about )+<b>[0-9,]+</b> ((from|over the) $NEST(<b>,</b >) )+for <b>( <b>)+[^<]+"
        "</style >(^$TST(b=s))$SET(b=s)$SET(1="
        "</style>\r\n<script type="text/javascript">"
        "var prxSpics=["http://local.ptron/sidki_h_$GET(cfg)/Google/google-","
        "new Image(),new Image(),new Image()];"
        "\r\n<style id="themed">\r\n"
        "/* Proxomitron "Google Alternate" CSS import */\r\n"
        "@import url(http://local.ptron/sidki_h_$GET(cfg)/Google/google-css-alt.css);\r\n\r\n"
        "<div ("
        "$AV(ie6tb)>$INEST(<div,</div)</div >( $NEST(<script,</script >))+"
        "|$AV(exp_msgs)$INEST(<div,</div)</div >"
        "|style=$AV(margin : -5px 0 5px)$INEST(<div,</div)</div >"
        "<(div|li)\2 class="
        "((^ style=$AV(margin-(left|right)*))($TST(a=odd)$SET(a=even)|$SET(a=odd))|)$SET(3=$GET(a))"
        "(*( href=$AV(/interstitial\?url\=h\9|((*/)+{1}/(*/)+{1})\9?*|*))\5*</a >)\4"
        "<a href="h\9"><img src="http://local.ptron/sidki_h_$GET(cfg)/Google/google-bug.png""
        " width=16 height=10 border=0 title="Malware warning!"></a>&#160;&#160;"
        "<a href="\9"><img src="http://local.ptron/sidki_h_$GET(cfg)/Google/google-top.png""
        " width=10 height=10 border=0 title="Go to top domain"></a>&#160;&#160;"
        "<\2 class=\#&#x20;\3\#\#\4&#160;&#160;\0"
        "<a\5 target="_blank"><img src="http://local.ptron/sidki_h_$GET(cfg)/Google/google-new.png""
        " width=14 height=10 border=0 title="Open in new window"></a>&#160;&#160;"
        "<div class="sfbg nojsv" style="top:30px"></div>"
        "<div class="sfbgg"></div>"
        "<div style="position:relative;height:29px;z-index:2">"
        "$SET(1=<div style="position:relative;z-index:2">)"
        "<a (^(^href=$AV(https+://**) >"
        " <img src(*>&&*alt=$AV(\2)*)))"
        "$SET(1=<a id="logo" )"
        "<a (^(^href=$AV(https+://*) >"
        " <img src=\"/logo(*>&&*alt=$AV(\2)*)))"
        "$SET(1=<a id="logo" )"
        "<a (^(^href=$AV(/search*) >"
        " <img ([^>]++src=\"/logo*>&&*alt=$AV(\2)*)))"
        "$SET(1=<a id="logo" )"
        "<div id="logocont""
        "<div style=$AV(max-width:509px)>"
        "#(mn{ table-layout:fixed;width:)\2996px"
        "<div id="search">$SET(1=<div id="search" style="width:95%;">)"
        "|<fieldset class=gbqff id=gbqff>"
        "$SET(1=<fieldset class="gbqff gbes" id="gbqff" style="background: white;">)"
        "<span class=$AV(vshid) > $SET(1=<SPAN>&nbsp;&nbsp;)"
        "max-width$TST(tStyle=*)[ 0-9pxem%:]+{5,8};+(^\))"
Replace = "\1"


RE: Google Search page broken - fpout - Apr. 26, 2013 05:06 PM

Many thanks, JJoe.

Updated Alternate display filter and it seems to work perfectly at first try. Back to what it looked like a few days ago (See attached image).

Really many thanks, and I do appreciate rapidity of answer.

RE: Google Search page broken - fpout - Apr. 26, 2013 05:14 PM

@ ProxRocks:
Thanks for the solution. I have seen your thread some time ago, and downloaded the set of filters, but found no time to try it.

I am happy with the dark gray appearance, as seen on my screenshot. It find it quite friendly for my tired eyes.

When I find some time, I'll give a try to your set.
As for now, the damage introduced by the Google fellows is repaired for today, and the road goes on ...