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Proxo Alert and Invisible Dialog Boxes - fpout - Feb. 25, 2012 11:09 AM

This already happened a few times in the past:

Yesterday, my Firefox got suddenly frozen after I pressed a button somewhere on the displayed page.
I pressed the button again several times without any visible result.

Then a PROXOMITRON ALERT popped up (see attachement) saying:

This page has already launched 10 dialog boxes.
Block further ones ?         -> Press OK
Or allow another 10 ?        -> Press Cancel

But no box is visible anywhere on my PC, even behind any opened window.
Nirsoft Winlister shows no window of that kind.

Pressing Cancel then pressing the guilty button again several times just results in the same Proxo Alert popping up again, and pressing OK freezes Fox definitively.

Firefox is then totally irresponsive and I am obliged to kill it to get out of that.

Does anybody know how to show up these "dialog boxes" or stop this behaviour ?

The only way I found to circumvent that issue is to display the page in QTweb directly connected to internet, running in a Sandboxie sandbox that I destroy after usage. But it seems a 'lesser evil' solution.

RE: Proxo Alert and Invisible Dialog Boxes - JJoe - Feb. 25, 2012 06:51 PM

I don't think you should see or find 10 boxes.

The "Restrict Message Boxes. - Paul Rupe, sidki" section of proxjs-full.js is probably responsible.

Quote: // Returns false if alert/confirm/prompt have been called a bunch of times
// already. Used to stop runaway scripts abusing these popup functions.

Assuming that the page works correctly with QTweb directly connected to internet,
it's possible that the page doesn't work well with Firefox or your filters have created a runaway script or ???

What happens if you disable "Restrict Message Boxes 07.04.02 (fail) [pr] (d.1 l.3)"?

Keyword to selectively disable this filter in Exceptions-U is "a_jsmeth".


RE: Proxo Alert and Invisible Dialog Boxes - fpout - Feb. 25, 2012 10:33 PM

Thanks for your quick answer.

Never noticed that filter "Restrict Message Boxes 07.04.02 (fail) [pr] (d.1 l.3)". I don't know if it would cure the issue as I do not have the faulty url at hand anymore.
Thank you for giving me the name of the relevant keyword.

I preciously wrote down both filter name and keyword for the next occurrence of the problem. Glad to have an opening to solve it then.