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Facebook Ads & Which content does BFilter filter? - harry3000 - Nov. 24, 2009 06:36 PM

I'm using BFilter 1.14 and it doesn't remove Facebook ads. So I tried to remove them by applying a filter:

Content type: text/html
URL: http://*.facebook.*
Search: /<div id="sidebar_ads">.*?</div>/
Replace (plain text): <!-- [BFilter] Ads removed -->

However, the ads are still showing up, also after clearing the cache etc. Now I wonder how BFilter operates. It seems it cannot analyze resulting page content, i.e. the actual page that is being interpreted in the browser. Because in the source of the page that comes from the facebook server, the layer "sidebar_ads" is not yet there, as the page content is obviously produced dynamically.

In the documentation of BFilter it's not stated if it filters the resulting page content or not. There it just says: "BFilter allows you to apply regular expressions to page content." Are we talking about the page as it comes from the server, or are we talking about the resulting page in the browser?

So, does BFilter only analyze the content before the browser is interpreting it? This would of course explain, why BFilter cannot eliminate such content.

RE: Facebook Ads & Which content does BFilter filter? - jart - Nov. 24, 2009 08:56 PM

BFilter's built-in algorithms can, or at least try to handle dynamic content, but manual filters don't.