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Full Version: Blocking the ":visited" status
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I have tried to create a filter to stop the ":visited" status from being snooped from Firefox on my Mac, but I am unable to do it. I have tried reading the tutorial, but it seems to be over my head. Basically, this is what I am trying to do:
[Hide visited condition]
content_type = *
url = /http://.*\.(js|html|htm|php|asp|jsp|cfm|css)/
search = \:visited
replace = \:nonvisited
Do the colons have to be escaped, and is there anything else that I have to include? Can there be spaces after the colon, and is there any way to allow for that possibility if so?
Can you put more than one filter into one filter file? I tried to add this to another file with a different filter.
You don't need to escape colons.
I am not sure if CSS allows you to put spaces around a colon, but if it does, you can do this:
search = /:\s*visited/
replace = :nonvisited

BTW, the technique of determining if a page was visited by querying link style can work even if you strip the :visited modifiers. The browser assigns a certain style to visited links by default, so you can query for that.

And yes, it's possible to have several filters in a single file.
Would the search = /:\s*visited/ allow for no spaces as well?

I just tested the filter in the new format. It still does nothing. The site I was using to test it does use the ":visited" code. This means that I just have to get used to clearing my history, right?
It works for me.
Maybe you forgot to enable the filter?
If you give me the URL of the test page, I'll take a look.

Quote:Would the search = /:\s*visited/ allow for no spaces as well?
Right! I forgot to enable the filter. It works now, after the computer was turned off and back on. You're a genius. Thanks a whole bunch.
The test site was
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