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Full Version: Allow Banner
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Hello everyone,

first i have to say BFilter ist good, really good, he blocks everything. ^^
But i have a Banner that shouldn`t get blocked.

Where can i set up BFilter, to Allow this Banner?
There are several ways to do it:
Once you know the URL (web address) of the banner, you can go to Tray Icon -> Configuration -> Advanced -> urls.local and add a line like this:
Note that you may use * as a wildcard.

Finding the URL depends on your browser. In most browsers you right-click an image and select "Copy Image Location", or something like that. Before doing that, you need to actually see your banner, so turn BFilter off (Tray Icon -> Bypass) and reload the page.
Now, this technique will not work in some cases (iframes, flash ads), so if you have problems, just give me a link and tell which banner you need to unhide.
Thanks, that helps. =)
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