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Full Version: Google safe search
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Hi, is it possible to use BFilter to enforce google safe search ?


if URL is something like

( and contains search?)

then append &safe=on to end of url

We are looking to implement this at our school.

I have not used Regular Expressions before.

Unfortunately, BFilter can't rewrite URLs in requests. This means that although you can modify google's search page to make "Search Google" do a safe search, searches made directly from the browser's search box won't be affected.
Here is how you modify google's search page:

Note that Proxomitron can rewrite request URLs, so consider using it for this purpose.
Thanks for the info.......

Could Bfilter block the request unless &safe=on was in the search URL though.

It can do that.
In Advanced Configuration -> urls.local write a line like this:
FORBID /http://(www\.)?google\.[^/]*/search(?!.*safe=on).*/
Thanks, that will help.

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