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Full Version: Opera 9.01 is so slow
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Well I've got another problem . I've been using Opera 9.01 and find that it is extremely fast without Proxomitron . Individual sites can be edited and content blocked . However , that is not optimal for my use . When running Proxo with my tweaked Sidke's cfg , Opera slows to a crawl . When using Sidke's cfg oob , Opera runs almost as fast as without Proxo . How do I easily find out which filter/filters do I need to get rid of to get it to run like Sidke's oob ? Thanks everyone .
Well , I think I found the problems with my configuration that were slowing Opera to a crawl . I think several Header filters in Jakx pack and Shea's bat were the culprits . Now after comparing Sidke's oob with my new default my config is almost as fast . It only took me 3 hours ! But hey , I'm retired . Smile!
Glad you sorted that out Smile! But I've got a recommendation for you -- switch to IE 7 [beta 3], it is FABULOUS and faster than lightning.
Thanks for your reply , mozerd , but I don't think IE 7 works with Win98 se . However , I'm in the process of finally upgrading my pc to a modern system which should make life easier . It only took me 5 years to learn Win 98 !
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