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Full Version: Picky corporate websites
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I cannot help wondering why some corporate websites are so insistent about which browser you use to read their pages. At, I had to filter a JS file to get rid of a page loading problem (caused, I suspect, by a not-so-well-done effort to discourage use of old browsers). When they were forced to read my request header to determine what the browser was, they shunted me off to a page that informed me that only Netscape and Internet Explorer are going to get in. I gave them a nice new Netscape user-agent, and was allowed to do some browsing. After all that, I found nothing extraordinary in that website. Why be so picky? It is not as if there are any exotic new interfaces there.

It's called "job security". This is done by swelled-egos that have convinced non-web browsing executives that one size does not fit all. Their mantra is "we'll enhance your user's experience".

Bah! Hogwash, I say, pure hogwash. Banging Head These clowns are attempting to deny the universal applicability that was the web's initial attraction in the first place. I say, they should be classed the same as spammers, and cast down into the deepest, fieriest Hell there is.

I believe I've made my feelings known. Wink

Given the obvious fact that that site was actually trying to market hardware and software, are these people not shooting themselves in the foot by saying, in effect, "You don't get in here if you don't use the browsers that we like?" Ticking off your potential customers is hardly the way to sell something.
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