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Full Version: Google Video: Direct DL Link Generator
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Name = "Google Video: Direct Download Link Generator [Kye-U]"
Active = TRUE
URL = "\?docid=[0-9]+"
Limit = 900
Match = "(/googleplayer.swf\?videoUrl\\u003d\1\&autoPlay\\u003d*</embed>)$SET(link=$UESC(\1))PrxNeverMatch"
        "|(Download Video Player [/url])\0"
Replace = "\0 -  <a href="$GET(link)" style="color: #FF0000;font-size: x-small;vertical-align: top;">Download Video[/url]"

Downloaded file format is .flv, which is playable in VLC Media Player

Attached is an image of the link placement.

EDIT: Thanks to LWC for pointing this out, download this (FLVConvert) to convert the .FLV files to .AVI, .MPG, or .MP2.
Fearless Leader;

Golf?? GOLF?? Since when is golf fun???? Chasing little white balls that don't go where you hit them, you call that fun?

In that case, here's a golf Applause for you! (from the movie "Men at Work")!

But aside from that, thanks for the filter, I'm gonna install and test it right now. Drool


It was just a random video I used to test the filter on! I swear! Big Teeth
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