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Full Version: URL Blocking
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Hi Guys,

Just recently installed Bfilter and so far its working a treat, i was just wondering if i could implement a Banned URL address list?

I want to block mainly things like etc and their sub pages.

I am Using FreeBSD 5.3 and would apprichiate any help



Hi, and Welcome to TUOPF!

Your desire to block certain sites in their entirety will be best served by using a HOSTS file. Go here for more info. If you still have questions, feel free to post them either here, or in the HOSTS forum.


This functionality is already implemented.
Just add something like this:
FORBID /http://([^/]+\.)?playboy\.com/.*/
to your urls.local file, which resides in /usr/local/etc/bfilter in case of a command-line version, or in ~/.bfilter in case of a GUI version.


Thanks for all your replies.

I can see now that i am using version 9.4 not 10 so i am currently trying to install that however i am having some trouble with the ACE install, but thats another story.

Once i have installed v.10 i will see if that works any better but will also look at using the host files as suggested.

Kind Regards

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