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Full Version: Read If Requesting a Filter
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If you are requesting a filter, here is the format you must follow. This way, it is easier for members to help other members.

Here are the guidelines:

Topic: Must start with [Req] and must state what the filter is for.


1. State where you want the filter to match.

2. State what you want the end-result to be. (If possible, please be specific)

3. Any other relevant information can be included here.

Example #1:

Quote:Topic: [Req]



Would like to remove the ad at the top of the page, at the right-hand side, the "Shop Now Online" green table and the "Receive 2 RISK-FREE Issues of PC World and 15 FREE Power Guides!" table.

If possible, make it so that the rest of the table stretches to the right when the right-hand side table is removed.

Example #2:

Quote:Topic: [Req] OnUnLoad


All HTML Pages

Would like to have all "onUnLoad" functions removed.

Change it to "onUnLoadOff".
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