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All the Needed Resources

Compiled by Dog of Wilders Security

The Basics:
Info -
More Info -
Help File -
Proxomitron 4.5 (.exe) plus Textures & SSL add-ons -

Support Forums:
Official Forum - (Broken Link)
Un-Official Forum -
Castle Cops Proxomitron Forum - (Broken Link)

Introductions and Tutorials:
Paul Rupe's Page - - ("pretty powerful" tutorial and filter resource) (Broken Link)
Castle Cops Tutorials by Alto Sax - (Direct DL's / .zip Files)
Tutorial #1 - (Broken Link)
Tutorial #2 - (Broken Link)
Tutorial #3 - (Broken Link)

Available Packs & Home Pages:
Kye-U -
Kye-U Browser Security Pack -
Sidki -
JD 5000 - (Broken Link)
MizzMona -
AltoSax -
Damwill -
JakxPack IV -
JakxPack III -
Jor -
Dave's Proxomitron Page - (Broken Link)

More Config Packs are available through the below

Sites with Multi - Config Packs/Links to Config Packs:
Kye-U's Proxo Packs Download Page -
Proxomitron Info -
Castle Cops - (Broken Link)
Eric Howes Privacy & Security Site - (under the header Proxomitron Add-ons) (Broken Link)

Other Tweaks and Add-ons:
Henk's ProxoPatcher Proxomitron Graphical Patch - (Broken Link)
Mike Bliv's Config Manager (requires M$ Access) -
Screen Shot of Mike Bliv's Config Manager -

Access Proxomitron's Internal Info:
Proxomitron Internal Info (once installed and running) - http://local.ptron/.pinfo/
Quote:Internal Pages Available Info:
Recent URLs - (This can be connected to directly by using: http://local.ptron/.pinfo/urls/ )
Blocklists - (This can be connected to directly by using: http://local.ptron/.pinfo/lists/ )
Current Config:
Active Connections:
Open Local connections:
Open Remote connections:

Test Proxomitron:
Sygate SOS PreScan (Headers) -
Proxomitron's Sneaky Pop Ups -
PopUp Dummy -
Web Knacks PopUp Test -
Still Listener (Headers) - (Broken Link)
Proxy Checker (Headers) -
Browser Spy (Headers & JS Sniffer) -
Jason's ToolBox (Headers & JS Sniffer) -
GRC Shields Up (Headers) - (Select "Browser Headers" on Page 2)

Finally if you would to try something else out: Proximodo -

My Sincere Thanks to all that continue to make contributions to this excellent App, and to those that have contributed in the Past.

Thanks to Kye-U for your very Special efforts with Administrating The UnOfficial Proxomitron Forum and naturally your Security Config Packs. Eyes Closed Smile

Special Thanks to The Author Scott R. Lemmon ~ Rest in Peace ~

~The End ~

EDITED Dec. 30, 2008 by Kye-U to show which links are broken; Thanks to lnminente for pointing out the broken links!
Images and Text by Dog

The following are a few Screen Shots on how to configure your Browser to utilize the Power of Proxomitron. ~FireFox, Internet Explorer, and Opera will be illustrated~

To start off with here's a basic Screenie of what Proxomitron Looks like.

[Image: 1.jpg]

To configure FireFox ... Select "Tools" --> "Options" then follow along with the example below

[Image: 2.jpg]

To Configure Internet Explorer, Select "Tools"-->"Internet Options" --> then the "Connections" Tab then follow along with the example below.

[Image: 3.jpg]

To Configure Opera, Select "Tools"--> "Preferences", then "Network" in the left pane and then follow along with the example below.

[Image: 4.jpg]

Finally, if you need to configure Proxomitron to use a Remote Proxy, say for example on a Corporate Network. Enable the Remote Proxy setting on Proxomitrons' main GUI, then enter the appropriate details. See a basic example below.

[Image: 5.jpg]
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