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Hi "Guyz",
Here is my first article I was asked to write for a new online newspaper.
Here is the link if You wish to check it out! Smile!

It's just for some simple tweaks & hacks for the average PC user, . . .like Me! Smile!

Take Care and Have a Great & Wonderful After-noon,
"JaK" [smoke]
Bookmarked. I'll check it out again next week. Cheers
Quote:for the average PC user, . . .like Me!
Hypocrite [angry] <_< Microphone [ninja] Mad with Teeth Crazy

Crazy Crazy Dead

Hail Eyes Closed Smile Cheers

Congrats. Hope to se more "peeps" contacting "The Geek"

G'luck, mon ami.
Hi "Guyz",
Thankz "Guyz", . . I really appreciate it! Cheers
I look forward to writing the articles. And of course sooner or later, . .my favorite "Proggie" and "this Forum" is gonna to come up in them! Smile!

Take Care and Have a Great & Wonderful After-noon My GOOD FRIENDS!
"JaK" [smoke]
At first glance, I thought you typed "Jak the Greek" Shock

Anyways, looks promising! I see you've tackled the popular "dial-up tweak" question! Big Teeth


Very nice site! Clean yet organized [lol]
Jak are you on dial-up? I just read your article on browsers and you notice speed differences. I did too when I was on dial-up but on my 5Mb cable connection they are all virtually the same speed including IE. I currently have IE,Maxthon,Sleipnir,Kmeleon,Firefox and Avant browser. If I had to say one was fastest I guess I would say Kmeleon but that is probably perceived.
Have a good day. Wink
Quote: At first glance, I thought you typed "Jak the Greek"
that could work...
Hi "Guyz",
LOL! Yep that could, . .considering all the "type-o's" I had in that last article. Smile!
"Besafe" I just recently went to "broad-band" myself & I must say I'm enjoying the speed. I have been on dial-up for years, . .and since my ISP was running a special on adsl I thought I would give it a whirl. Most of the folks that live in the area where that news paper is from, are on dial-up and only a few are able to get broad-band. You have to live within 3 miles of the phone switch boxes before You qualify. I have some relatives that live there and they are always complaining about the "Local" ISP, . .they have to use that ISP or get charged long distance costs if they use any other ISP. It's the "only game in town".

Take Care My Good Friends, and I hope to see You "Guyz" later, . .I've been working on another project that I hope to be ready soon. Just afew ideas that seem to "worm their way through this gray mush in my Cerebral Cortex!

Catch You "Guyz" on the flip side,
"JaK" [smoke]
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