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Full Version: Thank you Amy, JJoe, et al....
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....Just a quick note to thank Amy, JJoe, and the other great people in this forum keeping Proxomitron alive. Honestly, I don't understand much of the technical stuff you guys discuss. When you post about filters and adding new things to Proxomitron, I have to read it at least 20 times to begin to understand it, but I've used Proxo for 15+ years and I know you're a group of sincere people trying to keep Proxo relevant to the times and improve it little by little, and for that I’m grateful for your effort. I respect your body of work, and even though people are busy and it can be quiet at times, hands down this is one of the greatest forums on ALL of the Internet, and you'll always have my thanks and my respect for what you've done. SALUTE.
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