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Full Version: 2019 HTTPs Filter Help Request
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Using the latest Proxomitron Reborn, released Christmas Day 2019 (Thank you amy), or using any prior version, I am unable to perform a simple HTTPS web page filter. I think I accidentally had it working once but had a ton of SSL errors to click through. I have sifted through the forums and collected various tidbits, such as, what to change the bypass string to, or which port values should be, or how to use the ProxHTTPSProxyMII application. Sadly, I have not had luck putting all the instructions together in the proper order. Can someone place a link here or instructions from download to deployment regarding how to get HTTPS filtering to somewhat work with proxomitron reborn? It should include which certs.pem to install and where to put it, and what bypass filter values need to exist. There may already be a tutorial for this, in which case a link here would be useful. Please, could someone from soup to nuts, consolidate how to get proxomitron reborn to filter https pages? Thank you so much for any comprehensive reply. Sincerely, Tom
Download the latest version, ,
, extract to The Proxomitron's folder.

Download cacert.pem, ,
to The Proxomitron's folder and rename it certs.pem.

A modern version of zlib may be found at
Rename zlib32.dll in to zlib.dll .
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Start ProxomitronR and set it to use "SSLeay/OpenSSL".
From Proxomitron's main dialog click "config" then "HTTP" then the box next to "Use SSLeay/OpenSSL..." then "OK" and save the config.

Generate proxcert.pem and exit ProxomitronR.

Add proxcert.pem to browser's certificate store.

Configure browser to use proxy for HTTP & HTTPS.
Both addresses are or localhost and the port is 8080.

Start ProxomitronR and see if it works.

Think that is all but it is late.
I needed to convert the Proxomitron-generated PEM file to a CRT for import to IE for my specific purpose.
openssl x509 -outform der -in procert.pem -out certificate.crt

Otherwise, the very simple text replace filter I wrote seemed to replace the text in a test google https page with minimal complaining. Thank you for the above response. I missed the zLib.dll info in my earlier read through.

One point of clarification please, within the Proxomitron, Config button menu, should the port on the HTTPS tab be 0, 8080, or something else? I set my browser (IE in this case) use a proxy of for all connection types so should I assume Proxomitron can determine which type of traffic is in the request even if it all goes to 8080? Thank you again.
You can leave HTTPS port at 0 unless you need to serve files over HTTPS from Proxomitron's internal web server, or connect to Proxomitron itself using HTTPS (a feature which few browsers support.)
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