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Full Version: Anybody use privoxy with tor?
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I am trying to make privoxy work with tor, but only get
Sorry. You are not using Tor. when i am visiting
forward-socks5t / .
does not help

Running privoxy 3.0.28 by the way.
{+change-x-forwarded-for{block} \
+client-header-filter{hide-tor-exit-notation} \
+client-header-filter{privoxy-control} \
+client-header-filter{deanonymizing-client-headers-u} \
+forward-override{forward-socks5t .} \
+server-header-filter{privoxy-control} \
+server-header-filter{deanonymizing-server-headers-u} \

Open any onion site to check.
In order for it to work on, in ProxHTTPSProxy, in the [PROXY socks5://] section, enter
[PROXY socks5://]

This is not convenient, now if you need to visit a site that works on https, then you need to edit the ProxHTTPSProxy config.
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