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Full Version: How to chose a VPN?
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Guys, I want to buy a VPN for China, because limited edition is full of commertial and doen't have guaranties. I read about several good VPNs here, but I'm not sure wich one is worth to try. Dose somebody use one of those? Tell me your opinion.
The paid VPNs are usually the ones that work.
Just do a lot of research.
Check out rankings and reviews, these will help you the most.
a good one is

You have to ask yourself: How are you going to use it?
Do you need hardcore security or just to unblock content?

Personally, I just chose the one with best history record on safety and technical details. You can read about it here: ExpressVPN review

If you want to use it just for unblocking content I would rather go with proxy. Some of them are free. If you have find a suitable one, be sure to google them and their wikipedia page if they have a decent history. Usually there will be articles if they have leaked data, etc.

Good luck.
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