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Full Version: Another Google Search Page Question
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I have a question what others are currently seeing at the Google Search page. First of all, my Google Search page is still dark blue but yesterday and still today ... there are some cartoon characters in a rectangle at the top playing musical instruments.

They spell out the word Google ... it's colorful and has a Christmas or Holiday theme.

I just would like to ask if others are seeing these characters moving? I am wondering if they are not moving for other people, then I am missing a setting somewhere. If others have moving characters then my settings must be OK and match others. Maybe others don't see anything about the search bar.

I just don't remember anything before on the dark blue page moving before.

(Dec. 24, 2016 12:31 AM)Callahan Wrote: [ -> ]I just would like to ask if others are seeing these characters moving?

I see it,
JJoe ... thanks for confirming the moving characters. Today there are new characters above the search bar.

Thanks for the link to the little Google band ... it's entertaining. Usually if I go to Google for a quick search ... I usually use DuckDuckGo but going to Google I have been sort of mesmerized with the characters and spend way too much time there watching.

I hope my brain and my computer have not been taken over.

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