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Full Version: To delete a header?
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According to the help, "To delete a header: include a matching expression, but leave the replacement text blank."

I've tried that with the http_accept headers but it doesn't seem to work?

Yeah I know, deleting this header could mess up everything, but I want to do a test.

Thank you.

Are you spelling it as "http-accept" or some-such? The name should be "accept-xxx", where xxx is the precise name you wish to match upon. Look to other header filters for examples of the exact syntax.

The Match value should be nothing more than an asterisk (*), and the Replace should be empty - this will effectively delete the header. But be sure you use it correctly.... some filters work on the Inbound side, others on the Outbound side, and a few work in both directions. It all depends on what you want/need to accomplish. FWIW, my accept- header filters are set to the Outbound direction.

Good luck!


Thank you, it helped a lot!

I typed "accept" and the whole http-accept header was deleted. Funny, lol.

Now I gonna try something else.

Thank you again.
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