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Full Version: History: Adsubtract proxy's relation to the Proxomitron
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From the prox-list December 15, 2001,

Scott R. Lemmon Wrote:AdSubtract is *not* based on Proxomitron's code (unlike what one message claimed), but rather on the older Java based Intermute proxy. The company licensed Proxomitron's code, but to be honest I don't think they've used it publicly yet.

Adsubtract was granted a license to use the Proxomitron's code,

Scott R. Lemmon Wrote:9/29/1999: In related news has been granted a license to use Proxomitron code in their own filtering product. Those who find Proxomitron a bit complex (I admit I've designed for the unrepentant system tweaker) may want to check out development of this product. Note that this is being developed independently by Adsubtract and Proxomitron itself will continue as before.

, but the Adsubtract proxy predates (1997) the Proxomitron (1999).
Very interesting. Just a random thought: so it seems someone out there may have the Proxomitron code.
When I got my first computer in 1999 I had never heard of the Proxomitron. But around the end of that year, or the first part of 2000 , I did learn of Ad-Subtract which was in beta at the time. I installed it and I remember it saying that it was based on licensed Proxo code which didn't mean much to me until I got broadband when it finally came here in May 2001 and I joined security forum where I learned about Proxo.

That would really be something if someone who developed Ad-Subtract actually has the Proxomitron code and the Proxo community might be able to obtain it.
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