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Full Version: March 23, 1999
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Mother's Day seems an appropriate date to recognize and acknowledge 15 years.

Thanks to all who helped get us here.

Have fun,

Scott R. Lemmon Wrote:March 23, 1999

I have uploaded to Simtel.Net: 1184061 bytes Proxomitron: Custom filter webpages as viewed

The Proxomitron - Universal Web Filter (Ver. Naoko-2). Features a
powerful HTML text matching engine able to dynamically filter web pages
on the fly. Works with most any browser to eliminate or alter unwanted
content like pop-up windows, alerts, animated GIFs, auto-play music,
sounds, dynamic HTML, and more. Replace background images with your
own, rewrite JavaScripts, even filter normally hidden HTTP header
messages. Over 50 filters are included, and equally powerful filters
can be created. Selectively replace most any HTML text or tags. Even
customize pages you visit often.

Released as ShonenWare - No registration is required, but you can show
support for this program by purchasing any album from my favorite band -
the world-famous female power-trio from Osaka Japan: Shonen Knife.

Special requirements: None.

Free for personal use. Uploaded by the author.

Scott R. Lemmon
Wow. Now I feel old.
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