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Full Version: Proxo not freezing Youtube animated gifs
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I hate animated gifs. I always have Proxo freeze them.

Youtube has changed things about two days ago (making my browsers have problems playing HTML5 videos now) and I think this is when they added the "New Trends" thingy on the left column that has the animated gifs. They stop eventually (until you click on something on the page and that starts them again). I don't want to see them animated even for one loop much less for as long as I am currently seeing them on my browsers. They are silly stick characters which makes them even more irritating to me.

I don't have a youtube account. I just went there and did a search for "tigers" and on the search results pages on the left are these irritating gif animations that I haven't seen before. So, how do I get those frozen?

Someone just told me that is html5 animation....not a gif! Yuck.
it's not an animated gif, it's a png brought in as a "background-image:url" (an image fetch method that i generally block, but that's probably overkill for your purposes)

to axe only that animated logo, try axing the container it sits in by adding this to your Exc-U
# YouTube
Thank you! That works beautifully. Smile!
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