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Full Version: ESPN3: Eliminate ads in videos?
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I would like to eliminate the ads shown
at the start of espn3 videos. Example:

I use sidki's latest config in light mode.

The following espn entries appear in exceptions.ptxt:
## ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
[^.]    $SET(0=a_adcomm1.)$SET(sUserFn=§theCookie§)                  $SET(0=a_adfn2.)

There are no espn entries in exceptions-U

Many thanks Smile!
(Mar. 15, 2014 06:28 PM)soccerfan Wrote: [ -> ]There are no espn entries in exceptions-U

Try these

# flash ads
[^/]  $RDIR(http://local.ptron/killed.gif)

# probably unwanted  $RDIR(http://local.ptron/killed.gif)  $RDIR(http://local.ptron/killed.gif)*/omnitureTracking.swf  $RDIR(http://local.ptron/killed.gif)
[^/]  $RDIR(http://local.ptron/killed.gif)

All it took was the first bit of code (related to Cheers
I did not try the rest. As you say, it is probably unwanted.
However, I have put it in exceptions-U (commented out, of course),
in case it is needed. Thank you, as always Smile!
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