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Full Version: Onerror
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I am having issues with Onerror on certain pages scope: window:function v(y,z,aa){p({message:y,script:z,line:aa},true);}

Which web page filter or header do I need to disable to stop the error appearing?

Many thanks
Some event handlers are intercepted and converted to buttons. Disabling "Sel. Event Handlers to Buttons" will stop this but may not solve your problem.

Disable the filter to test.


Name = "Sel. Event Handlers to Buttons     09.11.01 (read! fail) [pr sd] (d.1 l.3)"
Active = TRUE
URL = "$TST(hCT=*html)(^$TST(keyword=*.(a_js|a_jsmeth|i_button_b:0|i_level:[12]).*))$SET(jsVarsB=$TST(jsVarsB=(*$toButton: )\1(0|$SET(3=+)([^,]+)\2) \4)\1\2\31\4)PrxFail$TST()"
Limit = 1
Match = "$STOP("
        "The current set of intercepted events is defined in the"
        ""Various Events to Buttons Part II" section of "proxjs-full.js"."
That seems to do the trick JJoe. Also it has allowed me to install IE9 and IE10 without getting all the screen errors I had got before with Facebook.
Im not sure what that filter did?

Many thanks again.
(Jan. 20, 2013 01:21 PM)scoop Wrote: [ -> ]Im not sure what that filter did?

sidki Wrote:Various Events to Buttons Part I. - Paul Rupe, sidki

Create a button to call a given event handler directly if such a handler is defined.

Rather than disable e.g. window.onload completely, this lets you call it at will in case some page requires it to function.

Did you try clicking the button? I wouldn't disable the filter for all sites. I'd add an exception for facebook.
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