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Full Version: CNN Videos
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I've just started using sidki_2011-12-22rc1.ptron this week, and videos, like this one, won't play for me with Firefox 15.0.1.

Debugging/logging just wasted hours. I finally just started unchecking filters and found that these 2:
Top JS Replace: Ad Scripts III - Modules
<script> Block: Scripts by URL
seem to be blocking the videos

Keyword combos like the following don't work:
Code:        $SET(0=a_ads.a_adjsex.a_jsmod.)

I chose ? because putting it in the bypass list worked.
With more trial and error, I've found that these 3 entries will allow the videos. Not sure if they can be more narrowly tailored. The first one is actually an exception from long ago. The video will play without it, but a few other things don't load normally.

Code:         $SET(0=a_adfn2.)        $SET(0=a_adjsex.)        $SET(0=a_jsmod.)
(Oct. 02, 2012 10:16 PM)zoltan Wrote: [ -> ]won't play for me with Firefox 15.0.1.

It played for me but took a while. It actually started in the background while I was looking at something else.

I do see missing elements and will evaluate later.

Exceptions.ptxt has

## CNN
## ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

Maybe I get "" while you get "" ...
After reading your post, I decided to test removing the old one
Code:         $SET(0=a_adfn2.)

and the video DOES play! It never occurred to me that an existing exception would block it. I thought their effect was always the opposite. Now I suppose I need to reassess the user added exceptions that have accumulated. They were necessary at one time.

As for the URLs, for me the page loads 35 files from "" including most all of the javascript, though there is one .json file from "i.cdn..."
(Oct. 03, 2012 05:45 AM)zoltan Wrote: [ -> ]After reading your post, I decided to test removing the old one
Code:         $SET(0=a_adfn2.)

and the video DOES play!

(Oct. 03, 2012 05:45 AM)zoltan Wrote: [ -> ]As for the URLs,

I see the same.

I added some exceptions to fix the "WATCH MORE" and "FULL SIZE" navigation elements. After that the movie would not play from link on but would play if opened from the "WATCH MORE" page.
I think allowing too few of the Ad Functions caused an error that ended the routine. Adding "a_jsmod" appears to make it work for me.

Do you see any problems with|after adding

Code:   $SET(0=a_flash.a_adfn1.a_adfn2.)  $SET(0=a_flash.a_adfn1.a_adfn2.a_jsmod.)

Code:                        $SET(ScriptMan=.i_noscr:4.)

This hides "<script src=""></script>" from "<script> Block: Scripts by URL" on the video's page,*.

So far, allowing the "carousel" of available movies at the bottom of page between arrows allows too many unwanted requests.

Lightly evaluated

Thanks. (also for all the work on the updated config). The vids play fine with the added exceptions. The carousel isn't really needed since the other videos are accessible from elsewhere.
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