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Full Version: Facebook again!
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Hi all, I seem to be having problems with Facebook buttons again.
If I click the red timer button at the bottom of page incorporated with proxomitron the buttons and site works fine

first instance: setTimeout 60 second(s),right-click to run once without delay:function r(){n=null;p(i.delay);if(j.isSending())return;j.inform(u.SEND);if(k.length<=0){j.inform(u.OK);return;}var v=k;o();j.send(v);}

How can I edited it??
I think you already have an Exception-U entry like

[^/]                            $SET(0=a_adscr.i_ua:0.)

Try adding i_timer:0.
[^/]                            $SET(0=a_adscr.i_ua:0.i_timer:0.)

Thank you so much JJoe. Working again.

Dont know what we would do without you my friend.
jjoe is the sidki set helpdesk
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