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Full Version: problem on video copilot
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I'm having trouble figuring out how to make something work. Or better said, trying to figure out which filter I need to disable.

With Proxomitron bypassed, I can place my mouse over a video to watch a thumbnail preview. With Prox not bypassed, it doesn't work. I pulled up the Log window, to look for matching filters but there's no purple text displayed like it does on other sites.

Well, not entirely true I guess, I do see it initially while the page is loading, something about 'Frame jumper' (?). But when it stops and I scroll through the entire length of the window, it's not there. It seems to be something about this particular site because on other sites it works fine. Do you guys have this problem?

Can someone tell me which filter to disable to get back the popup previews? I haven't changed anything in Prox except for the Set-Cookies (everything else is set to default) Thanks.

EDIT: not sure if it matters, using June release Naoko 4.5
I see the previews in Firefox 14.0.1 and Chrome while using Scott's default cfg. You may have to wait for the page to load.

I don't think Set-Cookies matters.
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