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Full Version: "Accept: Fake while faking User-Agent" needs update
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While using "f_ua_" to fake the User-Agent, sidki set users may need to disable or modify this filter,

[HTTP headers]
Out = TRUE
Key = "Accept: Fake while faking User-Agent     05.09.07 [sd jak] (d.0) (Out)"
URL = "$TST(keyword=*.f_ua_*)"
Replace = "*/*"

Some servers use the Accept header to help determine which format to use for responses.

IIRC, the concerns were that this header might identify the browser and/or cause the server to send resources in an undesirable format. So, while using the set's built in User-Agent faking routine, this filter reduces the browser's Accept header to "*/*".

In the past, a value of "*/*" might cause the server to send a default file. Today, some servers may send way too little for this set to not allow more detail, I think.

Either a keyword to disable per request and/or link the Accept header's value to the faked User-Agent value.
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