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Full Version: hulu images?
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this rule seems to block the images on hulu grid display

<a> Remove: Ad Links 09.05.11 [sd] (d.2)

What do I need to do to make it work without disabling that filter for all sites?
depends on if you visit that site "all the time" and want a more permanent fix, or if you seldomly visit that site and just want a way to make it work temporarily...

ie, a temporary fix is to click on the page so that the menu access icon triangle shows up in the lower right corner, then click the "all ads" radio button in the "allow section" and then click "go"...

if you want a permanent fix, that requires adding an entry to your "Exceptions-U" file...
Add, to Exceptions-U,

Code:  $SET(0=a_adban.)

However, that will allow code like

<a href="" beaconid="5633" beacontype="show" class="beaconid beacontype info_hover" onclick="; Beacon.trackThumbnailClick(this);">

Suspicious Beacon, trackThumbnailClick, onclick Suspicious

I've never used Hulu. The above code may help you...
Does the site work after you add

Name = "Hulu remove beacon tracking 12.06.27 Test"
Active = TRUE
URL = "$TYPE(htm)"
Bounds = "<a\s*>"
Limit = 256
Match = "(\#\s(beacon|onclick=$AV(*(beacon|track)*))(\w))+{1,4}\# >"
Replace = "\@>"

to the top of your Web Page Filters?

Filtered code looks like

<a href="" class="beaconid info_hover">

Adding that code to Web Page filters makes Hulu Plus work properly as far as the images. I was missing the images also. Thanks! I've only tried Fx 10 ESR with this code added to Proxo.

Are you talking about ScoreCard Research Beacon or another Beacon? Ghostery blocks it.
(Jul. 01, 2012 11:14 AM)Mele20 Wrote: [ -> ]Are you talking about ScoreCard Research Beacon or another Beacon? Ghostery blocks it.

I think, the onclick code beacon goes to Hulu. A beacon is also sent on hover over some page elements. The Proxomitron is blocking the scorecardresearch beacon code that I found.
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