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Full Version: Need new Google Suggest filter
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This filter for Google Suggest now crashes Proxo sometimes. I finally got it reinstalled (don't know how it disappeared along with some other custom filters) but it NO LONGER WORKS.

I usually use Scroogle but sometimes I have to use Google and I cannot stand that awful, distracting Google Suggest.

[HTTP headers]
Out = TRUE
Key = "! : RDIR: Google complete off (out) (11.11.26)"
URL = "*/)+{1}(^(images|csi)\?)((^?)$SET(\0=webhp?)|*\?(^(*\&)++complete=0)$SET(\0=&))&$RDIR(\u\0complete=0)"
Replace = "$LOG(R$DTM(c) RDIR to google complete off)"

That works great! I even get bolded text and larger text than before which is fine. It is not too large and I like it bolded.

I completely forgot about this for awhile. So sorry. I've been really busy and I do generally use Scroogle but for image searches I need to use Google directly. Plus, Google could mess with Scroogle again at any time and I'd have to use Google. So, I really appreciate this updated Google Suggest filter. BTW, I still really like your filter that changes that black toolbar on Google. It looks so much nicer with a different color.

I bypassed Proxo just now at Google and did a search and UGH! Default there is really ugly now and I just love (NOT) how they point out where I live (they have no cookies from me, when I bypass Proxo, but evidently now if Proxo is not used you see your location based on your IP address..but it must be more snooping than that because my IP address resolves to Oahu not my actual hometown on another Hawaiian island. Plus, a search at Google now with Proxo disabled is extremely irritating. Not only is there that awful Google Suggest to combat but search results fly onto the page ....different ones...with each letter you type in your search term. That is highly distracting. I can't imagine anyone actually liking that. And the thumbnails on the right side are GAG. Sad

So I am glad I have Proxo if I do use Google instead of Scroogle. Proxo really spoils me. Wink
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