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Full Version: Add Proxomitron Menu in IE9
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Having problems with the Add Proxomitron Menu in IE9. When you click on the small green triangle in the bottom right hand corner the Go, Session and List buttons remain on the page when you move away from it, you have to refresh the page to make them disappear. Anyone else having issues with this?

Name = "Add Proxomitron Menu 07.09.05 (fail) [sd] (d.1 l.2)"
Active = TRUE
URL = "$TST(hCT=*html)(^$TST(keyword=*.(a_nomenu|i_level:1).*))$SET(jsVarsB=$TST(jsVarsB=(*$toDo: )\1(0|$SET(3=+)([^,]+)\2) \4)\1\2\31\4)$SET(volat=$GET(volat)menu:1.)PrxFail$TST()"
Limit = 1
Match = "$STOP(This switch defaults to active in Light Mode and above)"
(Oct. 13, 2011 12:06 PM)scoop Wrote: [ -> ]Anyone else having issues with this?

Sometimes. I've also seen the menu appear at the bottom left of the page, regardless of where the menu icon is.
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