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Full Version: Removing ETag from header
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I need a simple filter that removes all ETags from headers.

They could be used to track users the same way, as persistent cookies.

[HTTP headers]
Key = "ETag:  Remove All  (In)"
Match = "\1&$LOG(CGET $DTM(c) : ETag removed: \1)"

Have fun
@JJoe, thanks a lot! It works well.
Why it's not in the default set?
Thank you so much JJoe!

I have zero cache on Fx, Opera and Iron but IE requires a small one so I am glad to have this filter.

Like Ozo, why is this filter not in the default set?
why not in default set?

um, that's easy - 'cause nobody heard of this until now Smile!
This goes back to 2000 and a Fx bug from that era that has never been fixed and has now been resurrected with all the publicity about Kissmetrics.

Lots of links and info in this thread:

i seem to recall a conversation with sidki back in the day when we e-mailed every so often, that "theoretical" entities really aren't intended to be included in his config, "out in the wild" entities are well-documented by sidki...

so i can assume his config didn't worry about ETag tracking because it was not encountered "out in the wild"...

probably safe to assume that Scott's "default" config didn't include it for the same reason...

just speculating, who knows...
at any rate, i'm glad it was pointed out and we are all protected from this now Smile!
As Mele20 said, this is something we talked about before. Last year I created a thread about "evercookie" which was using the ETAG method (and many others) to resurrect cookies.
Since then it's becoming more and more common.

Are there any drawbacks removing the ETAG headers? Wouldn't mess up the cache?
What about including it in Sidki's filterset? I remember seeing some cache handling and ETAG headers...
hello is this the correct configuration ? as shown in the image below.

[Image: rlgj5v.png]
(Dec. 17, 2011 05:52 PM)costes Wrote: [ -> ]hello is this the correct configuration ? as shown in the image below.

Looks good. Don't forget to click all the OK's before you use it. If you like it, save it to a config or you will have to add it again.

thanks for the quick response the "etag filter" works perfectly, below pics using and
who also uses the kissmetric script to question for protected etags. AWESOME.
however the generic signature of any browser by default seems it cannot be changed. any ideas for "Generic Header Pic" number 3?
thank you.

[Image: 35nd4pu.png]
[Image: 20zae7p.png]

================= "Generic Header Pic" ==================

[Image: 5js379.png]
(Dec. 18, 2011 07:38 PM)costes Wrote: [ -> ]any ideas for "Generic Header Pic" number 3?

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