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Full Version: firebug lite + sidki config
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Hi all.
found this very nice tool and was wondering how would one go about integrating it with sidki
appreciate any suggestions and thanks in advance
Store the file in the Proxomitron's html folder.
Webfilter to add a call to the file in the webpage's head section.

Simple example

Name = "Kill pop-up windows"
Active = TRUE
URL = "$TYPE(htm)"
Limit = 4096
Match = " (<!DOCTYPE*> |)\1"
Replace = "$STOP()\1\r\n"
          "<!--//--><script src="http://local.ptron/WindowOpen.js"></script>\r\n"

Not tested.
(Apr. 05, 2011 01:26 AM)JJoe Wrote: [ -> ]Simple example
thanks. i've decided to rip someone elses work Smile!
proxjs-x-menu.js, section "Site", Line 155, add
//firebug add sh8an
  x[x.length] = beAnc; x[x.length] = "\" href=\"javascript:(function(F,i,r,e,b,u,g,L,I,T,E)%7Bif(F.getElementById(b))return;E=F%5Bi+'NS'%5D%26%26F.documentElement.namespaceURI;E=E%3FF%5Bi+'NS'%5D(E,'script'):F%5Bi%5D('script');E%5Br%5D('id',b);E%5Br%5D('src',I+g+T);E%5Br%5D(b,u);(F%5Be%5D('head')%5B0%5D%7C%7CF%5Be%5D('body')%5B0%5D).appendChild(E);E=new%20Image;E%5Br%5D('src',I+L);%7D)(document,'createElement','setAttribute','getElementsByTagName','FirebugLite','4','content/firebug-lite-dev.js','skin/xp/sprite.png','http://local.ptron/firebug-lite.1.3/','%23startOpened');\">FireBug lite 1.3 &#8249; </a></div>";
it's the bookmarklet code provided on the dev site, slightly modified. plus modified script itself to reference local skin.
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