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Full Version: Possible to stop geolocation?
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Is there any way to get a filter to stop geolocation? I came across a website that geolocates me, and I have geolocation disabled in my browser. Most sites do not do very well at locating me, but this one does - How are they doing that? Is there any way to filter that?
Yep. I was just checking that site from a thread on this at dslreports security forum. It nails me to town I am located in. In my case though, it is very easy for any site to do it because my ISP offers the information. Used to everyone on Road Runner TWC was identified as being in Virginia where TWC has its headquarters. (At least all Hawaii users were identified this way). Then some years ago that changed and all of us in Hawaii were identified as being from Mililani, Oahu where Oceanic TWC is physically located. For a couple of years now we have been identified by what headend we connect to so that identifies me by the town I live in.

I don't like it either. That Topix site had a bunch of threads concerning my home town.

I'd like to filter that if possible also. I was happy when all Hawaii RR users were identified as being from the island of Oahu. I wouldn't mind be identified as from the Big Island but from my town? That is way too specific. Next we will be identified by the node we are on which would narrow it down dramatically!
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