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Full Version: Cannot play videos at
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Hi to everyone and I'm wondering if somebody knows what I should put in Exceptions-U to get the videos to play at Maybe it's the way I have my browser set up, etc, but the only way I can get them to play is by putting Proxo in bypass mode and hitting the refresh button, then it plays. Obviously, uh, we don't like doing that to get videos to play. :-) Thank you so much.


to Exceptions-U worked for me. I still had the flash toggle to click, however.
Warning: I only checked one video in one browser.

Thanks Joe Joe. You got the videos working for me at Yes, I have to click the toggle button too, but it works fine now. Thanks so much. You're awesome!

Just a follow-up. With your Exceptions-U entry, videos play at, but not here:

Any ideas JJoe (or anyone else as I don't want to burden JJoe) how to get these ones playing? It is when you visit the homepage and click on a story there to watch a video clip that they don't work unless you put Proxo in bypass mode. I hope I've explained things in an understandable way. If you can't help that OK. You've already got the videos working for me at and I really appreciate that. :-)
Because I can't figure anything better at the moment replace old Exceptions-U entry with


and add

Name = " vids  2010.11.15"
Active = TRUE
URL = "$TYPE(htm)"
Bounds = "<script*</script>"
Limit = 256
Match = "<script type="text/javascript"> "
        "var statsHostname = "";"
        "<script type="text/javascript" language="javascript" src="/decor/javascript/magnify_stats.js?v1.3">"
Replace = "\1"

to your Web Page filters.

There's gotta be a slicker way, tho.

It worked. I added it to my Web Page filters and it worked! :-)

Now that makes it easier to watch videos from What was happening before was when I was at a news website and they would embed a video clip from, I couldn't watch it. I would have to go to, then put Proxo in bypass mode to see it. But, now with this filter, now I can stay at the webpage that embeds the video and view it directly there. I don't have to leave anymore. Yay!

Thank you so much, Joe Joe. Appreciate it. :-D
Please add


to bottom of AdHosts-J.ptxt and watch for breakage at

Also, post confirmation of addition, please.

JJoe, per your recommendation I added [^.] to the very bottom of AdHosts-J.ptxt and will watch if the videos continue to play at BTW, I was just there, did a test run, yes sir, the videos are still playing. :-) Thanks for helping. Best to you.
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