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Full Version: allow Maxthon plugin popups
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Hi all.

is there anyway to allow Maxthon plugin popups with the latest Oct 23 config?

Running Maxthon2.5.15. Sample plugin - (ListResources, this m2p extention is just a regular zip file)

Plus it has a neat little feature called super'drag'n'drop. you can select urls renrered as text within other text drag the selection and once you drop all links are opened in new tabs. Which sometimes works and sometimes doesn't.

adding prefix 'prx_' doesn't work as there is no calls within plugin htm and js files.

if it helps
i've had success "in the past" by simply moving the Maxthon plugin folders to Proxo's "html" folder and then running them from a Proxo "menu" (placed in the corner like sidki's click-to-activate menu)...
i guess so, but get's complicated. too many changes in too many places.

is there a way of allowing popup with a certain filename? evidently it is possible to change popup filename for example to prx_dialog.htm
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